Journal of Information Technology Impact
ISSN 1098-139X

Issue 1

From the Editor
  • Electronic Dissemination of Scholarly Work, Stamos Karamouzis, pp. 5-12, PDF, HTML
Short Articles
  • Can the Adoption of a Leaner Medium Increase Group Outcome Quality?, Ned Kock, pp. 13-20. PDF, HTML
  • Citizen Electronic: Marx and Gilder on Information Technology and Democracy, Roger White, pp. 21-24. PDF, HTML
  • Net Gains: Does Access Equal Equity?, Leslie Shade, pp. 25-42. PDF
  • The Impact of an Electronic System as a Decision Making Tool for Special Education, Courtney Frantz, pp. 43-54. PDF
Book Review
  • The Age of Spiritual Machines by Ray Kurzweil. Review by Mark N. Hatala, pp. 55-56. PDF, HTML

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