Journal of Information Technology Impact
ISSN 1098-139X
VOLUME 4, Issue 3

Short Articles
  • E-Democracy, Kevin Curran and Eric Nichols, pp. 133-138. [PDF]
  • Old paradigm and Information & Communication Technologies for Development Agenda in Africa: Modernization as Context, Tokunbo Ojo, pp. 139-150. [PDF]
  • The Impact of Hybrid Automata on System Modeling and Analysis, Isabella Kotini and George Hassapis, pp. 151-160. [PDF]
  • Universal Wireless Center: A Multi-Purpose Small Business Model, Jihad Qaddour and Matthew H. S. Kuofie, pp. 161-170. [PDF]
  • Factor Analytic Approach to Internet Usage in South-Western Nigeria B. K. Alese and S. O. Owoyemi. [PDF]

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