Journal of Information Technology Impact
ISSN 1098-139X
VOLUME 4, Issue 1
Focus on e-Learning

Issue Editors
Dr. Demosthenes Stamatis
Dr. Theodoros Kargidis

From the Editors
  • Models for European Network Universities for e-Learning, Demosthenes Stamatis and Theodoros Kargidis, pp. 1-4. [PDF]
  • mENU - model for a European, Networked University, Bodil Ask, Harald Haugen, and Thorleif Hjeltnes, pp. 5-14. [PDF]
  • The Mutual Impact of Educational and Information Technologies: Building a Pedagogy of E-learning, Michael F. Christie and Fariba Ferdos, pp. 15-26. [PDF, HTML]
  • A Generic Framework for Describing Study Plans for Networked Universities using Meta-Data, A. Elizabeth Bacon, Theodoros Kargidis, Miltos Petridis, Demosthenis Stamatis, and Gill F. Windall, pp. 27-40. [PDF]
  • e-Learning Resource Brokers, Symeon Retalis, Andreas Papasalouros, Paris Avgeriou, and Kostas Siassiakos, pp. 41-54. [PDF]
  • Xedu, a Proposal of Learning Management System Implementation, Félix Buendía-García, Manuel Agustí-Melchor, Jose Vicente Benlloch-Dualde, Empar Bisbal-Asensi, and Manuel Lluesma-Camps, pp. 55-66. [PDF]

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