Journal of Information Technology Impact
ISSN 1098-139X

VOLUME 3, Issue 3

Short Article
  • Cluster Formation in the ICT Sector: The Case of South Africa, Sagren Moodley, pp. 111-120. [PDF]
  • The Impact of Web-based Educational Software: Off-the-shelf vs. In-house Development Software, Philippos Pouyioutas, Maria Poveda, Dmitri Apraksin, pp. 121-130. [PDF]
  • The Impact of an Inter-Institutional System on Human Activity and Process, Dong Hee Shin, pp. 131-142. [PDF]
  • The Design and Implementation of a Networked Virtual Classroom: A case study in the area of Fluids Physics, Apostolos Paraskevas, Demosthenes Stamatis, Dimitris Psillos, and Anastasios Molochides, pp. 143-157. [PDF]

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