Journal of Information Technology Impact
ISSN 1098-139X

VOLUME 3, Issue 2

Short Articles
  • Image Processing in Medical Applications, Asma Yasrib and Mohd Adam Suhaimi, pp. 63-68. [PDF]
  • Information And Communication Technology in Nigeria: The Health Sector Experience, Bayo Idowu, Eyitope Ogunbodede, and Bimbo Idowu, pp. 69-76. [PDF]
  • A Firm Level Study of Information Technology Productivity by Industry Using Financial and Market Based Measures, Alan R. Peslak, pp. 77-90. [PDF]
  • Distance Education Contingency Planning: Hybridization in Disaster Recovery, Deborah Buell, Merrilee Cunningham, Erin Hodgess, and Ruth Robbins, pp. 91-100. [PDF]
  • The Revenue Impact of Online Search Engine Marketing Technology for Medical Clinics, Ginger S. Mentz, George. S. Mentz, and Richard Whiteside, pp. 101-110. [PDF]

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