Journal of Information Technology Impact
ISSN 1098-139X

VOLUME 3, Issue 1

From the Editor
  • Electronic Dissemination of Scholarly Work Revisited, Stamos Karamouzis, pp. 1-2.
  • The Impact of Technology Induced Anonymity on Communications and Ethics: New Challenges for IT Pedagogy, Robert A. Saldarini and Eugene M. DeRobertis, pp. 3-10. [PDF]
  • Virtual Learning Institution: A Distributed Model for Networked Open Learning for the Purposes of Lifelong Learning, Theodoros Kargidis, Demosthenes Stamatis, and Athanasios Manitsaris, pp. 11-24. [PDF]
  • The Impact of UML Class Diagrams on Knowledge Modeling, Discovery and Presentations, Bogdan D. Czejdo, Rudolph L. Mappus IV, and Kenneth Messa, pp. 25-44. [PDF]
  • Horizontal Cooperative Arrangements and Telecommunications Networks: A Development Strategy for Traditional Industries, Sebastian Bruque Camara and Jose Moyano Fuentes, pp. 45-60. [PDF]
Book Review
  • Matters of the Mind by William Lyons. Review by Roger White, pp. 61-62. [PDF]

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