Journal of Information Technology Impact
ISSN 1098-139X

VOLUME 2, Issue 3

Short Article
  • Impact of Linguistic Technology on Natural Languages, Paschos Mandravelis, pp. 85-88. [PDF]
  • Impact of Electronic Commerce on Small Exporting Firms in the South African Wooden Furniture Manufacturing Sector, Sagren Moodley, pp. 89-104. [PDF]
  • Design & Development of a Dynamic Hypermedia Educational System, Athanasios Manitsaris, Theodoros Kargidis, and Kostas Barbatsis, pp. 105-116. [PDF]
  • Trust Models for Access Control, Vasilios Katos and William Alyea, pp. 117-124. [PDF]
Book Review
  • Prometheus Wired: The Hope for Democracy in the Age of Network Technology by Darin Barney. Review by Aimee Morrison, pp. 125-127. [PDF]

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