Journal of Information Technology Impact
ISSN 1098-139X

VOLUME 2, Issue 2

Short Article
  • EU Structural Funds and the Development of the Information Society in Greece, George Papaconstantinou, pp. 39-42. [PDF, HTML]
  • Social Effects of New Technology in Education, Andrew E. Fluck, pp. 43-54. [PDF]
  • Technology used to support the Teaching of Economics in the Greek Educational System, Despina Bousiou and Haido Samaras, pp. 55-70. [PDF]
  • EDI Implementation: The EDI Clusters Program in Greece, V. Manthou, M. Vlachopoulou, and I. Nanos, 71-82. [PDF, HTML]
Book Review
  • Next: The Future Just Happened by Michael Lewis. Review by Jonathan Brown, pp. 83-84. [PDF]

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