Journal of Information Technology Impact
ISSN 1098-139X


The Journal of Information Technology Impact (JITI) is a scholarly, peer refereed journal that provides a forum and means for exchanging information on the social impact of information technologies. JITI's scope includes the effects of information technology on business, socialization, entertainment, and education. The Journal publishes original research articles, short experimental reports, review monographs, technical notes, as well as special, thematic issues with commentaries.


The objectives of the Journal are to:

  • Explore the effects of theories or implementation of information technology.
  • Inform readers about innovative computer technologies and processes.
  • Provide CIS practitioners and educators with substantive, new insights into the design of computer information systems.

The Journal is unique in providing a diverse forum for those interested in the effects of theories or implementation of information technology. It, therefore, promotes an exchange of information between groups not always thought to share a common interest. In general, JITI is designed for the following audiences: researchers, developers, and practitioners in schools, industry, and government; administrators, policy decision-makers, and other specialists in computer information systems.


The Journal is freely distributed mainly via the Internet ( However, periodically a CD-ROM version will be made available for archival purposes.

Abstracting & Indexing:

JITI is registered with the National Serials Data Program (NSDP) at the US Library of Congress and it is covered by the following abstracting and indexing services:

  • Computer and Information Systems Abstracts (Full coverage)
  • Cambridge Scientific Abstracts (CSA) Technology Research Database (Full coverage)
  • CSA Engineering Research Database (Selective coverage)
  • CSA/ASCE Civil Engineering Abstracts (Selective coverage)
  • Corrosion Abstracts (Selective coverage).
  • ResearchIndex - CiteSeer.

Call for papers:

Authors are invited to submit high-quality papers that match the Journal's scope. Authors should consult the Author's Guidelines for the detailed preparation of their manuscripts.

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